About The Artist

Ketsy, a painter, conveys her ethnic identity and culture in her art. Growing up in the Puerto Rican diaspora of the United States has greatly inspired her work. As a self proclaimed "military brat" she was raised in the subculture of the nomadic Army family. Ketsy has received her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Painting. She is currently expanding on her body of work in St. Pete, FL.

Artist's Note:
As a second generation Puerto Rican growing up in the United States, across multiple oceans, languages, and cultures, I've learned to appreciate the details that remind us of the spaces we call "home" and people we consider “family”. Although a lot of my work is inspired by Latin culture and identity I paint in hopes that it can transcend across all cultures. Through my travels and experiences I’ve come to realize how the qualities we think make us unique can be the qualities that make us so similar.